Achieving CX & Customer
Service Excellence

CX, Omni-Channel and Customer Journey - Interactive Workshop

Professional breakfast event and networking

London Paddington, November 15th | 9:00h


About the Workshop

What you will take with you:

  • A better understanding of the principles that guide CX and Customer Service excellence so you can make better decisions and build a strategy for your business
  • What means, in practice, to implement an Omni-Channel customer service tactical strategy
  • How to make best use of today’s technology to reach customer service excellence
  • What is the Customer Journey and how it is useful for your business
  • How to make use of a Customer Journey analysis
  • Key practical components of the Customer Journey
  • How to design your own strategy based on your Customer Journey analysis


Why you should attend:

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and companies who are unable to fulfil these expectations are falling behind.

Today's customers  want (and expect) added-value services, a personalised experience, comprehensive support and a brand they can identify with. They expect you to engage.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is about exceeding initial expectations and engaging with customers in any context, through any channel, at any time, and leaving them with a positive impression of your brand. 


Who should come to the event:

  • CX directors and managers
  • Directors and managers in charge of contact centres and customer service operations
  • Operations directors and managers
  • CRM managers 
  • Team members involved in CX design and implementation
  • CTO's and their IT teams supporting the customer service and operation teams


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Hideki E. Hashimura
CX/CRM Lead Consultant and Strategist at redk The CRM solutions company 

An entrepreneur at heart. Specialised in CX and CRM transformation. Project director for enterprise CRM/CX-driven digital architecture implementation projects. Value orientated and highly skilled at conceptualising, creating, mapping and carrying out solutions to an organisation’s problems whilst maintaining an strategic focus.


redk The CRM Solutions Company Logo

Hideki E. Hashimura
CX/CRM Lead Consultant and Strategist at redk The CRM solutions company 




9:00h - 9:30h
Welcome reception.
Come in and have a coffee, get to know us before we start!  

9:30h - 9:40h

09:40h - 10:15h
"Achieving Customer Experience Excellence"
Practical fundamental principles of customer experience design and tactical customer service excellence

10:15h - 10:45h
"The Omni-Channel Imperative"
Practical workshop: Implementing Omni-Channel customer service rapidly

10:45h - 11:05h
Breakfast & Networking

11:05h - 11:45h 
"Customer Journey Clinic"

  • What is Customer Journey
  • How can I use it in muy business
  • Customer Journey Interactive workshop


Zendesk Auditorium
30 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, London W2 6LA

Zendesk asked Blitz to create an intimate and personal experience in it's London location. After establishing a universal design language for Zendesk and implementing it in various offices around the world, including the San Francisco Headquarters, the design team was challenged with creating a compressed design that would still reflect the Zendesk ideology.

The qualities of being airy, humble, charming, and uncomplicated make up the core of the brand's attributes, and were used as guiding principles for design. Focusing on the Danish concept of “hygge”, which roughly translates to coziness, the design team delivered a what feels more like a Danish-modern inspired living room than a corporate office.




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